Craft Beer Glasgow

Craft beer Glasgow: the best places to drink craft beer When we first opened our doors back in 2016, the craft beer scene was still very much in it’s infancy stages. Our main aim was to sell great beer, a great pint in our mini bar. Based near Glasgow City Centre our wee Glasgow pub […]

Sour truth about sour beers

So, what are sour beers? Well, in essence, sour beers are, well, sour. Sour beers come in many different styles, and formats, but in essence, they have a sharp, acidic flavour profile that tends to hit you in the back of the cheeks as you drink them. Also, the range of sour beer flavours can […]

Michelada with Smoked Beer

Michelada with Smoked Beer Michelada Grunting Growler style Ingredients: Tomato juice Smoked lager Lime juice Tabasco Sausage roll garnish (obvz)

Pale Ale

Pale Ale What’s not to love about Craft Beer Pale Ale! Pale Ale Craft Beer is super easy for alcohol consumption and uber damn delicious. Although we understand their preference good, we’d say that it’s a little bit hard to categorize them as one single design. Various developing techniques, and also developing ingredients cause variations […]


The beautiful world of lagers! Ahh craft lager, the understated style of the craft beer world. But let’s be honest here, there is nothing better than a crisp, clean, super easy drinking lager. Especially on a hot summers day. Lager has a great long history and can be very difficult to brew. First, let’s talk […]


Porters, everything you need to know: You’d never think that the industrial revolution and porters to be connected, but they totally are. The word on the street is that during this time, all the factories needed lots of goods to transport their goods. They did this by using men, known as a porter, to move […]


Stouts and their history: We like stouts. And we think some should brew a stout, and then call it Stouty McStout Face. It would be a stout load of fun. Sorry for our terrible patter, but you know you giggled on the inside. Stouts are a great style, but they’re often underappreciated. To understand stouts, […]

Black IPA (India Pale Ale)

The low down on Black IPA s: In our Buba voice, “We go white IPAs, Red IPAs, Imperial IPA, Brown IPAs, IPAs with fruit in it, IPAs with milk in it, and Black IPA. That’s about all the IPAs I can think of right now”. The world of IPAs are crazy right now, and there […]


What the heck are pale ales?! Pale ales: what’s not to love about them?! They’re super easy drinking, and uber damn tasty. Although we know they taste good, we’d say that it’s a bit difficult to classify them as one single style. Different brewing methods, and brewing ingredients result in variations of the style. Especially […]

Sour Beers

Don’t be so sour. Sour beers are great! Yes, sour, you read that correctly. Sour as in tart and acidic, or sour as in your terrible ex! Either way you look at it, sour beers make your cheeks pucker up! So are they beer you ask?! Well, yes, absolutely. Sour beers are brewed with 100% […]