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Attic Brew Co: meet the brewery

Attic Brew Co: meet the brewery


It's really amazing to see the UK craft beer scene explode over the last few years. 

When I opened the doors to Grunting Growler in Glasgow 5 years ago, I always new that the craft beer market was going to get bigger, but not this big- and I definitely didn't expect the quality to be as high as it is!

In 2016 there was less than 1900 breweries in the UK, but fast-forward 5 years, and now the number of breweries in the UK is over 3000!

With all the new craft breweries that are coming to the market what feels like every day, it's kinda hard to keep up with everything.

But, that's what my job is. 

So sit back while I find the UK's best craft breweries, and put them in the spotlight for you. 

First up on our new craft brewery spotlight list is a new-ish craft brewery from BirminghamAttic Brew Co

This craft brewery is the brain child of Sam and Oli who were flat mates during their time spent at Cardiff University. 

They both learned to love real ale by indulging in the rich real ale scene within Cardiff, and ultimately Sam starting making- sometimes a bit dodgy- home brews. 

Eventually both graduated, and went their separate ways, but they stayed in touch. 

Sam continued on with his love of craft beer and home brewing. In fact, he loved it so much that he even set up a functioning craft brewery in the attic of his home (hence the name)!

Sam worked tirelessly to perfect his craft of making beer, and I can confirm that he has 100% did that.

One drunken night out, Sam and Oli decided to set up a brewery with one another and now the rest is history! 

They found a unit in Stirchley, Birmingham and worked tirelessly to paint, kit out, and build a fully funcitioning craft brewery.

After many months of hard work, they finally launched Attic Brew Co on 23 November 2018. 

Even though Attic Brew Co have been around for almost 3 years now, they are fairly new to me, and our shop, but let me tell you, they are putting out some amazing beers. 

If you're into your Hazy, New England style IPAs, then Attic Brew Co is a must try.