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Rivington Brewing: About the brewery

Rivington Brewing Co: About the Brewery

Back in 2014 Ben Stubbs and his brother-in-law MIke Richardson decided to get together and make some fantastic beer in their fantastic location: Rivington Farm. The brewery and its taproom stand there to this day in the idyllic Lancashire countryside.

The brewery has its roots firmly planted in this area and emphasizes support for the local community first and foremost. They want to make beer they love for the people they love and everyone seems to love it. Rivington brewing has developed such a strong local reputation that they claim that the local landlords buy anything and everything that they produce in whatever style that they feel like producing “from barley wine to grisette”.

And while it is true that the folks at Rivington Brewing produce a wide range of various kinds of beers they undeniably have a specialty: Pale Ales in all their myriad forms. From their Fruity DDH Pale Ale “Is That Your Chain?” to their celebratory DIPA “The Quiet Earth”. There’s no denying they have an expertise when it comes to inventive, creative and, above all, delicious pale ales. 

This is an expertise they are more than willing to share with other breweries. Rivington Brewing have an excellent reputation with collaborative projects both under their own ranges and with other breweries taking the headline - a perfect example of which can be seen with Track Brewing's “High Hills” DDH Pale Ale. Produced in collaboration with Rivington it is Track’s first Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale.

This friendly relationship with other brewing companies extends even beyond direct collaborations with Rivington Brewing hosting tap takeovers and taking over some taprooms themselves. They’re also taking part in the upcoming “Beers in the Garden” Festival hosted by Track and DEYA as one of the 10 featured breweries. The event is being hosted in July and is in aid of Manchester Urban Diggers (MUD)

So, if you like your ales pale and your brewers friendly, then Rivington is one that you must check out. 

You can find all Rivington Brewing beers with the links below, or they're available to purchase at our Glasgow Craft Beer Shop- Grunting Growler- plus a few extra ones