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What are Anchovy Hops?!

What are Anchovy Hops?!

Anchovy’s anyone?! 🎣
Anchovy in a beers. It’s not necessarily the combo that we dreamed of, but it’s what we’re getting. 
Anchovy is the latest hop variety that has us all hooked.
We recently bought some Cloudwater Brew Co beer for the shop called “Push Button For Anchovy” which was brewed in collaboration with Fast Fashion Beer
After finding out that this beer was brewed with a mysterious hop called Anchovy, my curiosity got the best of me. So I went to google.
Unfortunately my search reeled in empty.
It turns out this hop is so new that there’s little to no information online about it.
So I reached out to @fastfashionbeer to ask them about it. Here is what they had to say:
“Anchovy is an experimental hop developed by Segal Ranch in Yakima, Washington. It’s quite aromatic, we get notes of watermelon hard candy, raspberry, and pine. Segal is known for growing legendary cascade but they have a wonderful r and d program as well and we sponsored this hop after doing sensory on a few experimental varietals from them last year during hop selection. By sponsoring it they were able to grow it up to an acre this year. The crop went/is going to us and some of our friends throughout the industry.”
Have you tried it yet?
If not, you can order it here: