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3 Fonteinen - Gruner Veltliner (Bio)

bottling date: 31/01/2023. For this first ever fully organic grape lambik, we macerated Grüner Veltliner grapes on one- and two-year old lambik. The grapes were sourced from Christoph Hoch, a Demeter-certified wine maker from Hollenburg an der Donau, Austria. Total maceration time was almost five months and the weighted average age of this blend was more than 19 months upon bottling. The final fruit intensity is 406 grams of whole grapes per litre of finished Druif. All cereals we used in brewing the seven different lambikken, were sourced with local Pajot farmers.

3 Fonteinen - Gruner Veltliner (Bio) | Organic Grape Lambic | 7.5% abv | 750ml

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