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DEYA - Picnic Beer | Quince

Quince are a really curious fruit, not really edible unless you cook them for hours and use them to make a jelly. They smell incredible, like roses and honey and ripe tropical fruit. Luckily we have managed to trap some of these characteristic aromas in this beer. Quince also impart a large amount of tannin, or astringency, which gives this beer a very dry refreshing finish. Turkish delight, and honeysuckle greets you, following onto light herbal notes, some gentle minerality, then a touch of honey. The finish is very dry with a long, strong but juicy acidity. The quince lending a crisp tight tannic character. Made with fruit harvested in 2022 from Little Pomona.

DEYA - Picnic Beer | Quince | Cider Beer Blend | 5.8% abv | 750ml

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