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Epochal - Stock Lager

This is Epochal's first lager, brewed to celebrate our soon-to-be-open taproom. People like drinking pints of lager at taprooms and the Scottish winter is perfect for lagering, if nothing else. Perfection! This beer was brewed with Heidelberg Pils, a little sugar to keep things dry, lots of whole leaf Hüll Melon, classic lager yeast and Epochal's house microbes. It's pours prettily pale with tight, brilliant-white foam. On the nose, doughy Pils malt, German hops (with subtle Melons of Hüll) and a nice little undercurrent of Brett elevating things nicely. On the palate, it's sharp, crisp, precise, bitter and refreshing. It strikes the perfect balance, in my view, between having the complexity of funk whilst still recognisably having all the benefits of tasting like a lager.

Epochal - Stock Lager | Barrel Fermented Lager | 5.5% abv | 375ml

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