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Mills - Thirteenth Fire (Olivers Collab)

We love making drinks with cider and perry maker Tom Oliver. By our count, this is our 9th collaboration, with a couple more never seeing the light of day and another in progress. Thirteenth Fire was made from an extra strong wort, drawn from a mash of barley and wheat malts, with added cane sugar. This recipe is similar to that used for a Belgian Golden Strong Ale. It was fermented spontaneously in first-use Irish Whiskey barrels for 7 months, with an equal proportion of traditional cider apple juice. The majority of the juice blend was made from Michelin, with small amounts of Sheep's Nose and Foxwhelp.

Mills - Thirteenth Fire (Olivers Collab) | Cider Wild Ale | 10.0% abv | 750 ml

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