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Wiper & True - Birthday Beer No. 2 (North Brewing Co. Collab)

Our tenth birthday present to ourselves was a beautiful new brewery. To celebrate, we invited six legendary breweries from the UK craft beer scene to help us put it through its paces. The party comes in the form of the resulting Birthday Beers series. Partnering with North Brewing Co meant doubling down on the dark magic of stouts, combining their expertise in adjuncts with our approach to perfecting a beautiful malt base. Rich and full-bodied, this beer is all about coconut. 30 kilos of toasted coconut flakes add complex caramelised sugars and nuttiness to a rich, dark malt bill. Sunny, tropical sweetness from Sabro hops is amplified by a touch of vanilla.

Wiper & True - Birthday Beer No. 2 (North Brewing Co. Collab) | Coconut Stout | 7.0% abv | 440 ml

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