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Bedoba Saperavi -


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Bedoba Saperavi is dark purple in colour. The nose opens with a powerful savoury and spicy aroma of brambles, herbs, flowers and black pepper. On the palate it is textured with juicy ripe tannins and black fruit flavours. This wine from Georgia is made from the indigenous grape variety Saperavi and partially vinified in traditional qvevri vessels. Bedoba means `Day of Luck’. Winemakers Nugzar Ksovreli and Thierry Fontannaz found inspiration in the history and legacy of the winery’s founders, the Konchosvilli family, whose cellars date back to 1737. The label references the bishop Petre Konchoshvili, a prominent religious and political figure of the 19th century, and honours the longstanding relationship between the family and the church - `koncho` means cross.

Bedoba Saperavi - | Grape: Saperavi | 13.0% abv | 750 ml

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