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Garage - Soup Idaho 7

We have a couple of riffs on our classic Soup IPA for this years Soup Day. This one sees the ABV boosted to 7% to support the extra dry hopping that we have attacked it with. Hopped in whirlpool and dry hopped in two stages with equal additions of the classic Citra and Mosaic combo and the guest hop here: Idaho 7. This is a hop that has become a bit of a modern classic. We love it for its tinned pineapple and lemon characteristics which combine so well with with Citra and Mosaic here to launch a real tropical fruit attack. We get pineapple, green mango, peach rings, grapefruit zest and slight pine. And we love it! Introducing a bold, fruity sour beer. Many will compare it to the classic Cheeky V. Tart-sweet flavours are found in every sip. Obviously, we can’t mention the brand name... That would be too cheeky, even for us.

Garage - Soup Idaho 7 | New England IPA | 7.0% abv | 440ml

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