Double India Pale Ale (DIPA)

DIPA are always double the fun!

For us, Double India Pale Ales (DIPA) are life! We love everything about them, and they tend to be on trend at the moment.

We love them because everything is (pretty much) double up.

Double the alcohol, double the hops, double the fun!

Now before we get into this style of beer, let’s talk about alcohol. A lot of times we come across folks that would rather not have a beer over 7.5% alcohol, as is the case for DIPA, and we totally get that.

However, alcohol is good when it comes to beer, especially DIPA. Alcohol is the flavour in beer, and without it, there wouldn’t be a strong enough base to add other flavours to it such as big hop profiles, or crazy yeast varieties. Remember, less is more when it comes to these styles!

Anyways, let’s get back on track.

There really isn’t a big history when it comes to DIPA given that the first one was brewed during the 1990s.

Classically, this style is over 7.5% abv, and can range from golden in colour to amber to super hazy orange juice, it all depends on the style that is being brewed. Also, expect a huge hop profile both on the nose and palate.

One thing to touch on when talking about double IPAs is freshness. When it comes to anything really hoppy, it should always be drunk as fresh as possible. While hops are really tasty, they are also super unstable, and lose their profile really easily. It’s also helps to keep the beer super cold in order to prevent any additional hop loss when waiting to drink the beer.

Now here’s a break down of things to remember:

DIPA are:

Double the alcohol, but also double the flavour

Less is more

Drink super fresh

Keep refrigerated

Try as many as you can!

Here’s a list of DIPA that we have in stock!

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