A growler is a reusable glass jug that holds and transports uber delicious craft beer. Its name came about when beer used to be taken home from a local boozer in a tin can with a lid on top. When the beer started to fizz, it would let out a hissing-“growling” sound.

Hence the name growler.

Our awesome growler shop is at 51 Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G3 8RF!

We’re open for sit in, growler fills, and takeaway every:

Fri-Sat: 10-10
Tue-Thurs, Sun: 12-8
Mon: Closed

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Well your mates have good reason to laugh at you for saying “growler”, and that’s because it sometimes has a different meaning in the UK. Well let’s see… How can I put it? It’s a ladies special region. You may hear people saying,”Oiy, geeza swatch a yir growler” from time to time.

Next time someone says this to you, we encourage you to say the following, “You can’t have a “swatch”, but you’re more than welcome to have a taste.”

Please note that we do not endorse such type of language, and it is coincidental, rather than deliberate, that our name is associated with such provocative slang terminology. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.

Well, yeah, don’t you? Cowabunga, dude!

We always recommend that you drink your growler of beer as fresh as possible, but if need be the beer will last at least a week unopened.

Once the growler is opened, it’s just like a bottle of coke– the more you take out, the quicker it will go flat.

Once you’ve finished your growler filled with the dopest, freshest, and damn tastiest of beer you’ve ever had, then just give the bottle, and cap a super good rinse with warm water, and then leave it to air dry. Once it’s dried, then put the cap on gently to allow the bottle to breathe.

Now the growler bottle is so fresh and so clean, clean for your next growler fill (if you got that song reference then we can be best friends).

That’s a super good question!

The short answer is, kinda both.

Our forte is definitely growlers, and takeaway beers, but we also have a license for 20 people to sit in and enjoy our damn fine selection of craft beers in a super chilled environment with hip hop beats playing in the background.

Use the space as you want. Take any of our beers home, or pick from our 6 taps, and 120+ cans/bottles to sit in with. Either way, you’ll have a damn good time!

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