Porters, everything you need to know:

You’d never think that the industrial revolution and porters to be connected, but they totally are.

The word on the street is that during this time, all the factories needed lots of goods to transport their goods. They did this by using men, known as a porter, to move goods from factory to factory.

The only thing is, these porters loved to have a cheeky little drink in between jobs. Their drink of choice was a local dark brown ale.

Over time, this beer became so widely associated with these factory workers that it eventually became known as porter.

When it comes to porters and flavours, as always, it can really vary depending on variation of style, and ingredients being used.

Generally speaking though, porters till be light brown in cooler, light to medium mouthfeel, sessionable alcohol content (4.5% abv-ish). Also, you should be able to taste light roasted coffee, a bit of easy going chocolate, toffee, caramel, and sometimes they can be nutty.

For us, porters are like the session IPAs of the dark beer world. They have plenty of flavour, but are low enough in alcohol content so you can drink all night long. It’s the beer of choice for the marathon drinker, not the sprinters.

You need this in your life. Go on give it a go.

Also, side note, but a really important side note. Another also, a porter, and a nice bit of cheese are an awesome match. Kinda like Batman and Robin.

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