Montesecondo – Vino Frizzante “Ghazii”


Winery: Montesecondo

Wine: Vino Frizzante “Ghazii”

Style: Rose PetNat

Grape: Sangiovese

ABV: 11.5% abv

vol: 750 ml

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This salmon pink, Pet-Nat is playful and full of energy with its delicate bubbles and fine body. Terroir:?clay, limestone, galestro and sand soil. Age of the vines:?25 years old Vinification:?Sangiovese grapes are harvested early to ensure high acidity levels. 90% of the grapes are pressed and cooled to separate the must from the lees. A “pied de cuve”, a type of natural yeast starter blend, is slowly added to the cooled must. Fermentation starts in full when there is only 4 or 5 grams per litre of residual sugar in the remaining the blend.? Ghazii?is produced with the “metodo ancestrale” (ancestral method), a grand-sounding but simple and delicate vinification process.