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Augustiner - Dunkel


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Originally founded in 1328, Munich's Augustiner Bräu is one of Germany's oldest breweries, drawing on nearly 700 years if brewing heritage. This mastery is demonstrated throughout its range, including Augustiner Dunkel. Pouring deep amber beneath a creamy head, you'll be treated to big pumpernickel malts with a backdrop of herbal hops. This classic character is echoed on the tongue, with more dark roast malts, as well as liquorice, and cola notes, and a dryness that lifts the whole experience to a pleasingly crisp finish. Boon Oude Geuze Black Label has a clear golden body with lively carbonation, balanced sourness and green apple and grapefruit flavours which are followed with a long and particularly dry after taste.Made with a blend of lambics aged for 1, 2 and 3 years on oak casks.

Augustiner - Dunkel | Dunkel | 5.6% abv | 500 ml

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