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Baron - Shonks


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Our first “semi-core” IPA. The legend of Shonks… one mile from the brewery, in the 11th century, Piers Shonks slayed Satan’s favourite dragon. Upon his own death, Shonks cheated the Devil from dragging his soul to hell by being buried in the north wall of Brent Pelham church. His tomb is still there. That deserves a beer dedication we reckon. The beer, it’s a Nelson Sauvin and Citra DDH IPA. Thick and juicy, with layer after layer of Nelson and Citra throughout both the hot and cold-side. Gooseberry, peach, mango, lime. All the senses tingling. We’ll be brewing Shonks seasonally.

Baron - Shonks | New England IPA | 6.5% abv | 500ml

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