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Beak - Trees V1


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While weÕve been happy with our past attempts at West-Coast IPAs, we think itÕs fair to say theyÕve erred more on the side of No Coast. So, earlier in the year we began researching how we could brew something truly Californian.
The result is TREES V1 Ð a beer that has probably elicited more excitement in the brewery than any other in the last six months.

Like some of our favourite authentic West Coast beers from the US, it is brewed with a distinctly hard water profile and simple extra pale grist before being layered with multiple whirlpool additions dominated by Centennial and Chinook, resulting in a clean, crisp and bracingly bitter flavour profile with big aromas of pine, grapefruit, marmalade, orange rind and autumn deadwood

Beak - Trees V1 | Double West Coast IPA | 8.0% abv | 440 ml