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Black Iris - Nectarmancer

We’ve summoned up a delicious new beer in collaboration with the incredible @holygoatbrewing and we can’t wait for you to try it!! 🍻🤘🐝 Introducing Nectarmancer 6.8% Honeyed Stingo. When thinking about this collab, we decided to turn our attention to an unfamiliar style of beer: the Stingo! Somewhere between an ESB and a barleywine, we’ve enjoyed creating a modern version of this style. Brewed with interesting blend of grains included past and rye, we enriched this beer with 324lbs of rich, floral Heather Honey from Norwell Apiary outside of Southwell which lends an amazing perfumed sweetness to the beer. Usually Stingos spend time in wooden barrels but for this beer we experimented with Red Oak spirals for a fast acting oak flavour which really rounds off the beer.

Black Iris - Nectarmancer | Honey Stingo | 6.8% abv | 440ml

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