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Brouwerij Boon - Boon Oude Kriek


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Again, the basic old and young lambic are matured in oak casks. But here we add to one year-old lambic about 400 grams of real cherries per litre. This creates a second fermentation in the casks. Oude Kriek Boon then undergoes a further fermentation in the bottle and has an alcohol volume of 6.5%. After several months, the flavour has matured to the desired taste. Oude Kriek Boon is a test of your patience. It should lie about 2 years in the bottle. At first, it tastes of fruit, especially sour cherries. Oude Kriek Boon eventually evolves into a deep taste reminiscent of Port or Madeira wine. This is kriek at its best

Brouwerij Boon - Boon Oude Kriek | Lambic Kriek | 7.0% abv | 375 ml

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