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Campervan - Bier Bitte (Simple Things Fermentation Collab)

We were delighted recently to host our good friends Phil and Ewan from Glaswegian hotshots (and very talented brewers) Simple Things Fermentations in a boiling Leith to produce together one of our favourite beer styles, Festbier Lager. Festbier is in essence a more robust Helles but without quite the rich maltiness of a Märzen. A fantastically drinkable modern style of German beer since Paulaner introduced it to the Oktoberfest long-tables in the 70s, we're looking forward to sharing a few steins of it with you.

Campervan - Bier Bitte (Simple Things Fermentation Collab) | Lager | 5.0% abv | 440 ml

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