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Cloudwater - DIPA V14 (collab Other Half)


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We are thrilled to announce that we are going back to our roots, and setting out once again with the intention of exploring the length and breadth of the world of modern hoppy beer innovations by relaunching our legendary DIPA v-series. Together with Other Half we've created a unique expression of a hop that's new to us, Nectaron, and a hop we're familiar with in T90 form, Motueka. Both hops in v14 came to us in the form of newly available Cryo, a process of pelletizing that uses extreme cold to freeze and strip away the majority of the leaf matter, leaving behind the oily, resinous and densely flavoured centre of the hop flowers, concentrating the aroma intensity in each pellet. We're thrilled to restart this series with hop products new to the UK

Cloudwater - DIPA V14 (collab Other Half) | DIPA | 8.0% abv | 440ml

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