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DEYA - Are We Next?!


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The latest in our west coast series of beers. In west coast beers we want lots of bitterness and layers of it too. Not just one hit at the end but a build up of tension across your palette as your brain takes you from first sip to aftertaste. It's Chinook and Simcoe hot side with Chinook leading the charge. Serious grapefruit and marmalade flavour riding an oily fruitiness. We paired it with Simcoe, for some more obvious tropical fruit character and a touch of sweet resin. The dry hop is Chinook, Simcoe and Columbus. Chinook and Simcoe added post fermentation give more rounded slightly softer fruit flavours, of orange, lemon, mango and pine. Columbus...a little goes a long way. It's a delicious chasm of deep, deep dankness and citrus rind.

DEYA - Are We Next?! | IPA | 6.5% abv | 500 ml

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