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Donzoko - Vienna Lager


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A rich backbone of Vienna malt, single deccocted for depth, our tangy house acid culture and Tettnang hops. fermented with Braybrooke?s house yeast from Franconia. Crisp, Deep and refreshing.

We share a love for classic lager styles with Donzoko owner and brewer, Reece. Therefore we decided to team up and brew one together!

The first Vienna Lager was brewed in the city that gave the beer its name in 1841, and it introduced most of Europe to the clean flavour of modern lagers. We brewed ours with Vienna malt and a small amount of caramel malt, for a beautiful amber colour and bready character, and used three classic German hop varieties for a light bitterness and floral hop character. We adjusted the pH with Donzoko's own lactic acid culture, fermented it with Braybrooke's house lager yeast, and matured it cold for 30 days. The end result is a delicious lager, with a slight malt sweetness, but also light enough to be enjoyed over and over again.