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Dugges - Orange Marmalade


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A triple sec barrel-aged orange and lemon sour. Because why wouldn’t you layer upon layer upon layer all that citrusy loveliness? Crusher! The base beer for this release was not supposed to see the light of day as clean beer. And, by clean, we mean non-barrel aged. We had this idea of putting an orangey sour on some triple sec barrels. We wanted to make a beer smack dab full of citrusy flavors. However, the beer we brewed to fill the barrels was just so damn good! We had to release it as a clean version. When we did, though, we knew the barrel-aged version was, through Future – Dugges Barrel-Aging still a go. It’s rested nicely in our barrel store. And now it’s here, just as we imagined it. Sour power!

Dugges - Orange Marmalade | Triple Sec Barrel-Aged Citrus Sour | 10.0% abv | 330 ml

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