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Elusive Brewing - Alone In The Dark


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Elusive Brewing creates beers with one eye on tradition and the other on taking things to the next level. Insert coin to play. We teamed up with the Totally Natural Solutions team to create this beer which showcases their flowable hop products. We used HopGain® FLOE Citrulicious for the whirpool addition then HopBurst® Citrulicious and HopBurst® Nectaron cold side before dialling in the bitterness with HopAlpha® NISO. Black IPA is a style we love to brew and one that's perfect for the selected hops, bringing top notes of citrus and peach. Unfined and vegan friendly *waves*. Serve cold in your favourite glass.

Elusive Brewing - Alone In The Dark | Black IPA | 5.8% abv | 440ml

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