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Epochal - Blue Label


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An 8.5% Cascade and Simcoe pale ale inspired by 19th Century Scottish pale ale brewing.

It was lavished with Cascade from Yakima Chiefs in the boil before open fermentation with our fruity Saccharomyces strains. Then, in oak, it was dry hopped with Yakima Chiefs Simcoe and allowed to mature and ferment with our house Brettanomyces strains. When ripe, it was blended with fresh beer and refermented in bottles.

It pours amber with mountains of firm, tight foam which radiates aromas of orange sherbet, lemon peel, pink grapefruit, passionfruit curd, dusty cellar funk and oak leaf. On the palate it is full, elegant, light, with candied apples, pine resin and a rich bitterness. Like a West Coast IPA via 19th Century Scotland.

Epochal - Blue Label | Barrel Fermented Ale | 8.5% abv | 375 ml