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Epochal - Chirstmas Day


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Our first Christmas beer!

This is a 6% Spalter Select pale ale inspired by Scotland's 19th Century pale ale brewing traditions but with a festive twist - it's matured in Rioja casks with clove-studded clementines.

It was open fermented with our house Saccharomyces before dry hopping and aging in neutral oak with lots of Spalter Select before a third fermentation and maturation in Rioja casks with spiced fruit. Once the right aromatics were achieved, the beer was blended and refermented (fermentation number four!) in bottles.

It's golden and foaming with orange, subtle spice, noble hops and Brettanomyces with the wood contributing subtle layers of cherry, cranberry, mint, ginger cake and vanilla. On the palate, incredibly light, spritzy, drinkable yet complex and intense.

Epochal - Chirstmas Day | Barrel Fermented Ale | 6.0% abv | 375 ml