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Epochal - Hesperus


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7.2% Scottish stock pale ale brewed with Berneray Bere and hopped with whole flower Goldings and Hallertau Blanc. This is brewed with an extremely rare sub-variety of Bere barley originating from the island of Berneray. Not only is the variety very rare in itself, it's been discovered to be very difficult to work with using modern farming equipment and so I've no idea when (or if) we'll get a chance to taste it again. Savour it's delicious earthy, honey-like qualities while you can! To this, Goldings add a grounding, leafy, citrussy, noble hop quality while Hallertau Blanc adds ethereal fruits and wine-like notes. It's full but dry, clean and sharp on the palate, both refreshing and great with food. On Burn's Night, I intend to have this with the great chieftain of the pudding race where it will add contrasting vibrancy and lift to the rich dish: it's also very good indeed with Kilkerran 12, which I'll be battering into at the same time.

Epochal - Hesperus | Barrel Fermented Ale | 7.2% abv | 750 ml

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