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Epochal - Momentary Rabbit Stage


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Scottish stock pale ale blended from various beers including some over a year old from among our earliest brews. The blend was chosen to work nicely with a dry hopping of whole flower Motueka, which adds freshness to the depths of the base beer. The aroma is bright with lime, orange marmalade and lychee, and deep with well-aged funk. Sparklingly carbonated, bitter and precise on the palate, it’s a lovely harmony of freshness and depth. These first two beers combine the clean, tasty bitterness of European hops with our first use of my favourite New Zealand hops as aromatic additions, and take their names from Quine’s work on the Indeterminacy of Translation, some of the most fascinating work in the philosophy of language in the 20th Century

Epochal - Momentary Rabbit Stage | Barrel Fermented Ale | 6.0% abv | 375 ml

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