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Epochal - Prince of Cloud and Sky


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Scottish stock pale ale created from a blend of two pale ales. The older and funkier was hopped with Goldings from Brook House Hops, the younger and hoppier with Hallertau Mittelfruh from Locher Hopfen in Tettnang. This beer combines a highly citrusy depth of funk with the floral and earthy characteristics typical of two of my favourite European noble hops. Aromas of fresh flowers, preserved lemons, apricot conserve and dank funk climb from the glass. It has a refined minerality on the palate and deliciously noble bitterness. The name is a reference to another mad goth Baudelaire poem, The Albatross.

Epochal - Prince of Cloud and Sky | Barrel Fermented Ale | 6.1% abv | 375 ml

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