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Epochal - White Smoke


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WHITE SMOKE 5.5% Smoked Scottish stock beer hopped with Challenger Pale, hoppy, highly carbonated, zippy, dry and bitter smoked beers are quite a thing, and in fact have a long tradition in Polish Grodziskie. The flavours of smoke are also, of course, very prevalent in Scottish food and drink and so I'm delighted to present an Epochal take on the pale, hoppy, oak-smoked beverage. This beer was brewed with a blend of Scottish malted barley and German oak smoked wheat malt and hopped with absolutely lashings of whole leaf Herefordshire Challenger, a bright and aromatic hop. After open fermentation and cleansing, it was dry hopped in oak casks with more Challenger and allowed to ripen

Epochal - White Smoke | Barrel Fermented Pale | 5.5% abv | 375ml

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