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Fin / Wine

Fin - I'm All Ears


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Australian Prosecco-style sparkling, made from the Glera grape variety, grown in Tabilk, in the Goulburn Valley wine region. THis has been made Col Fondo style, meaning it was bottled at the tail end of fermentation; capturing a natural fizz, AKA Pétillant Naturel. It was disgorged after a couple of months in bottle. It has full 'floating on your lilo in the pool' vibes, with an intense aroma of lemon, honey and acacia flower. Creamy brioche on the palate with a smidge of cashew and Brazil nut. Grape: Glera Pair with: Camembert, risotto

Fin - I'm All Ears | Pet-Nat Prosecco-Style Fizz | 10.3% abv | 750 ml

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