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Holy Goat - Blood Witch


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This beer takes inspiration from the historic Belgian style of ‘Oud Bruin’, sharing similarities to the Flanders Red and British Stock Ale. Our version is primary fermented with a Brettanomyces forward mixed culture, and blended from two different batches with an average age of 4 months. We incorporated our favourite rye, crystal and light roasted malts in addition to Brewers Invert Sugar No. 2 – a specialist sugar used historically in the UK and Belgium in dark, strong ales providing unique caramel/treacle flavours. We then refermented this blended Oud Bruin on 150g/l Scottish strawberries, sourced from farms located within 60 miles of the brewery

Holy Goat - Blood Witch | Oud Bruin w/ Scottish Strawberries | 7.2% abv | 375 ml

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