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Holy Goat - Crimson Void


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Inspired by Flanders Reds of old, Crimson Void is a blended sour red ale combining 80% provision strength ‘young’ stock beer aged in steel, with around 20% ‘mature’ stock beer aged in oak barrels. The combination of old and young beers has produced a complex sweet and sour flavour profile with a subtle oak character. This blended base was transferred onto the spent fruit (strawberries) and lees from our previous batch of Oud Bruin – Blood Witch. We refermented this with 200g/l Scottish blackcurrants, sourced from farms located within 60 miles of the brewery.

Holy Goat - Crimson Void | BA Blended Flanders Red w/ Scottish Strawberries | 7.5% abv | 375 ml

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