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Holy Goat - Cult of Goat


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Scottish Heather Ales have evidence dating back to the Neolithic in Scotland, and were later romanticised by the 19th century poet Robert Louis Stevenson. Our rendition was brewed in collaboration with our friends at Cult of Oak. Taking additional inspiration from Scandinavian farmhouse brewing practices, we harvested heather branches from the Sidlaw Hills and added these into the mash. Locally grown, aged First Gold hops were added during a hot steep in the kettle, though the wort was never boiled and so this is technically a raw ale. The beer was aged and matured in tank for 8 months with a diverse mixed culture, before bottle conditioning with local heather honey.

Holy Goat - Cult of Goat | Scottish Heather Ale | 6.8% abv | 375 ml

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