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Holy Goat - Gnosis


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Gnosis is inspired by Saison brewing traditions from Belgium. Brewed using locally harvested, barley, wheat and oats, and hopped in the kettle with aged Scottish First Gold.
We fermented this for 4 months, using a blend of Belgian Saison yeast strains, Brettanomyces and a mix of microbes cultured from spontaneous beers.

Gnosis was dry-hopped with whole leaf First Gold hops, along with bitter orange peel and the zest, flesh and juice of green bergamot. The bergamot citrus was harvested whilst still green and unripe, as this is when its oils and aromatics are at their most punchy.

Holy Goat - Gnosis | Tart Farmhouse Ale w/ bergamot citrus | 7.4% abv | 375 ml