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Holy Goat - Goatsmasher (collab Grumpy Goat)

Whisky BA English Barleywine Brewed using the finest of all barleywine malts, the rich malty Maris Otter, in addition to amber and crystal malts, this beer was boiled for 3 hours to caramelise the sugars and produce additional depth of flavour. It was transferred directly into freshly emptied whisky casks for fermentation and maturation, comprising two barrels (ex-Girvan distillery via Lady of the Glenn) and one butt (ex-Ben Nevis distillery). Brewed in collaboration with our pals from the Grumpy Goat in Reading, England. The result is a supremely quaffable strong amber ale, with notes of caramelised dates, toffee, oak, vinous tannin and a smooth whisky.

Holy Goat - Goatsmasher (collab Grumpy Goat) | Barleywine | 10.0% abv | 375ml

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