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Holy Goat - Terrorizer


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BA Blended Golden Sour with Scottish Blackcurrants Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Fierce Beer, we produced this mixed culture blackcurrant sour from a blend of our beers. We used 50% golden sour beer aged in tank for six months brewed at Holy Goat, along with 50% rye sour aged in barrels for over two years brewed at Fierce Beer. We then refermented this blended base beer with 240g/l of freshly harvested blackcurrants grown within 40 miles of the brewery, followed by dry-hopping with Bramling Cross. This blend represents the final barrel stock from Fierce Beers – Fierce by Nature barrel project, which we took over one year ago and which helped us kickstart our own barrel aging programme.Hops: Coconut, Raspberry

Holy Goat - Terrorizer | BA Blended Golden Sour | 6.0% abv | 375 ml

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