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Jester King - Biere de Coupage


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Bière de Coupage is young farmhouse ale “cut” with mature Jester King SPON, then dry hopped with organic Fuggle and Perle from The Oregon Hophouse. We’ve been intrigued by blending old beer with young for quite some time. The mixed culture we use to ferment our farmhouse ales was developed in part by taking old barrels of beer we were fond of and blending them with young beer. Our goal was to both influence the flavor and aroma of the young beer, as well as steer it in a good direction microbially in terms of its long-term maturation. When it comes to our palates, we really love the meld of fresh, spicy, peppery, earthy, bitter farm beer with mellow funk and balanced acidity.

Jester King - Biere de Coupage | Mixed Fermentation Sour | 6.3% abv | 750 ml

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