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Jester King Guided Tasting!


We have run out of stock for this item.

Join us for a night of all things Jester King!

About the brewery: 

Jester King is a Texas based brewery that started its journey a young 13 years ago in Austin, TX. Their focus is on mixed fermentation sours, and lemme tell you, they're next level!

The Tasting: 

We've managed to get a hold of a good amount of stock recently, so what better way to celebrate than a guided tasting. It means you get to learn more about the brewery, the style of beer, and you don't need to splash £80+ on all the bottles/cans individually. 

You'll get the drink the following: 

Jester King - Detrivore
Jester King - Spon Anniversary 13
Jester King - Provenance Lemon & Lime
Jester King - Seretta