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Jester King - Seretta


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New batch released May of 2022. During the spring of 2017, we joined our friends from Gigantic in Nagano, Japan for the Snow Monkey Beer Live beer and music festival. After bonding during our time overseas, we were inspired to make a beer together. According to our Head Brewer Averie Swanson, “We really just wanted to make a simple, drinkable saison; the heavy spelt grist provides a nice full body and the subtle addition of shiso leaf, steeped in the wort as a tea, created a soft tannic character and added notes of white flowers and coconut flesh. As so frequently is the case with herb and spice additions in our beers, a little goes a long way, a

Jester King - Seretta | Mixed Ferm Saison | 6.3% abv | 750ml

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