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Little Pamona - Glad To Plaid


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It combines two barrels, one ex-cognac and the other ex-bourbon, in a blend that brings together some wonderful tannic fruit ? Harry Masters Jersey (37.5%), Ellis Bitter (33.5%) and Ashton Bitter (16.5%) ? with the bright citrussy Browns Apple (12.5%). This full-flavoured cider has insane aromatics and an energy on the palate that defies logic. It'smells of fresh tropical fruit and heady perfume. It's intense in the mouth: green citrus, mango, peach, sweet spice and more exotic perfume. The tannins have been finely polished and all of these elements linger long.This is a food matching dream. Supple, complex, juicy, fresh, perfumed and fruit-driven, yet with restraint and modest alcohol.