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Little Pomona - Egremont Russet Col Fondo


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We've borrowed the term, 'col fondo' from our Italian friends for this, our third experiment with the ever amazing 'Egremont Russet' apple. Fermented in both tank and barrel we combined the dry ciders into bottle for a second fermentation, ageing it on the lees and leaving it undisgorged. On the nose there's Russet apples along with honeydew melon and blossom. It's a lovely green tinged, slightly hazy yellow colour. In the mouth it has a pillowy sparkle, flavours of kiwi and lime zest and that characteristic spice and slight tanginess of the col fondo method. Drink this cold but not frozen, as a beautiful, versatile match with all manner of seafood dishes. It's also pretty perfect across a cheese board.