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Lost & Grounded - Newstalgic


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With our 5th birthday approaching on the 21st July, we wanted to brew a special lager to commemorate the occasion. We've been friends with lager lover and renowned author Mark Dredge for many years ? someone who literally wrote a book on lager ? and were thrilled when he accepted our invitation. Inspired by the ?Landbiers?, or local beers, of Germany, this special lager showcases the best English ingredients ? traditional floor malted Han? lager malt from Crisp Malt in Norfolk, and the freshest English hops sourced direct from Hukins Hops own farm in Kent. Coming out of Crisp?s Small Batch Series, Han? is a very unique malt with a distinct historical connection: it was used by Bavarian brewmaster Josef Groll to create the first Pilsner beer in 1842. Hukins Hops is a 5th generation, 120 year old family hop farm located in Kent, a world-renowned hop growing region. Newstalgic was brewed with a special mash regime including a single decoction, with a cool fermentation: the result is a clean, crisp and very pale beer, reminiscent of the best lagers of Germany and the Czech Republic. A classic noble hop character and clean bitterness comes from a blend of Target, Challenger and Goldings. We are absolutely delighted with this beer and hope you enjoy! 5.2% ABV