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Mikkeller - baghaven Bagsaeson #1


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Our most traditional spin on a classic Belgian farmhouse style beer, with a Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale twist.__ __ A relative of our Havnes?son, Bags?son starts off as a very traditional "saison" style base, and is then open fermented in our wooden conicals with our unique and ever evolving local microflora to bring that true Rustic Danish Shipyard Ale character.__ __ Aged in European oak foeders which have only held our beer and no previous wine/spirit to bring a light and gentle oak quality that is balanced by a mix of old and new world hops.__ __ Low in acidity and high in drinkability was the goal of Bags?son, much like the spicy farmhouse style beers of Belgium it is modelled after._ Aged for 10 months.?