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Moersleutel - 6 Years Tom


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The third of our six Anniversary beers is TOM. Tom is the second oldest brother and works a few streets away from the brewery at Zomerdijk Engineering. As you may know by now, we’re not only brewers but also build machines that breweries need. 🔧 Tom is chief of Zomerdijk Engineering. It's not often, but sometimes Tom carries a whisky bottle around, taking little sips during our vrijmibo's. We caught him once sipping on a fancy american rye whisky. That conversation led us to beer - it does, always, end up in beer - and rye wine. We've never brewed this style before, so this homage to Tom was the best excuse we could find. 😏🥃🍷🍻 This turned out to be a strong, dry and vinous rye wine for which we used a unique crystal rye malt. Giving it a red hue and strong, spicy character, just like Tom. Brewed with barley and rye to give a full texture. And with 10% still on the somewhat safe side to prepare you for the three more anniversary beers to come. Just don’t underestimate it’s power… 😬

Moersleutel - 6 Years Tom | Triple IPA | 10.0% abv | 440 ml

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