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Noita - Kosmos


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Noita Winery’s wines are early wines. They are produced by hand as naturally as possible and without added yeast. The wines are suitable for vegans as well as organic. The cosmos is made by the 50% saignée method, which means "draining". In this slightly rarer way of making rosé wine, in the early stages of making red wine, a small portion of the wine that is colored pink is drained from the fermentation tank. The other half of the grapes are pressed directly into the tank. Witch Kosmos Rosé is a funky medium-bodied, dry rosé wine made from 100% Rotburger grapes. This early wine has a scent of dark berries and raspberries, cherries, wild strawberries and a hint of cinnamon.

Noita - Kosmos | Natural Rose | 11.0% abv | 750 ml

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