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North Brewing - Lager (Newbarns collab)


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Brewed in collaboration with Newbarns Brewery, Leith. Newbarns have shared their expert knowledge classic styles with us and together, we’ve made a refreshing and incredibly satisfying Lager. Taking cues from Newbarns brewing processes, we’ve mashed with heritage malts, Haná, Chevalier and Chit to create a smooth, light and rounded body with a sweet back note and a constant crisp fold right through the middle. Whirlpool additions of whole leaf UK Ernest and German Callista provide subtle yellow stone fruit and herbaceous notes whilst the fermentation process and spunding livens up the yeast aroma bringing floral bouquets and freshly baked white bread.

North Brewing - Lager (Newbarns collab) | Lager | 4.2% abv | 440 ml

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