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North Brewing - Sea of Knowledge


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We're returning to our journey through the Moon maria in Sea of Knowledge. A series of beers that aim to bring you the full NEIPA experience packed into a smaller ABV.

Starting by adding chlorides to our mash, loading the grist full of Naked Oats, Flaked Oats, Wheat and Extra Pale Malt and going nice and low on the bittering hops. This is a smooth and slightly sweet body ready to bear the load of a big dose of hops. Spectrum extract Citra, Citra T90 and Australian Enigma sing together in a wonderful harmony of drippy mango, sweet lychee, fresh squeeze OJ, aromatic lime, soft pear and juicy blueberry!

North Brewing - Sea of Knowledge | New England IPA | 4.6% abv | 440 ml